Media Make-up

Aim of the course

To provide candidates with the required knowledge and information to enable them to be effectively employed as competent and confident make-up artists in the field of media make-up. The course is comprehensive and designed specifically for media make-up.


This Media Make-up course is a complete training programme which does not require the student to have any previous make-up knowledge.


Candidates are required to have completed a course of at least 310 hours at a registered CIDESCO Media Make-up school.


All candidates must have undertaken at least 4 school examinations (2 Practical and 2 Theory) during the course of their training before being eligible to sit their CIDESCO examination.

The examination for the Media Make-up Diploma consists of three parts:

  1. Portfolio – pre-requisite to participate in the CDESCO Media Make-up examination
  2. Theoretical examination – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) exam
  3. Practical examination