CIDESCO produces regular educational guides to help students further their careers.

Guide to Working Abroad

Many of us already have a country in mind when we think about moving abroad, but for the Beauty Industry, the country you you chose it is the best option for your and career.

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Guide to setting up a Beauty Salon

Running your own beauty salon business can be rewarding in many ways but making it a success can be a challenge and fraught with obstacles.

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Guide to becoming a Make-up Artist

Make-up artistry can be a long and fruitful career that many find deeply rewarding. A career that appeals to the creatives, the colour-enthusiasts and the dreamers.

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Guide to Salon & Spa Hygiene

Maintaining high standards of hygiene in your Salon or Spa is important for your customers, staff and business success. This Guide covers the core elements of hygiene practice.

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CIDESCO Sustainability Guide for Salons & Spas

The definition of Sustainability, in its simplest form, is the ability to last. Sustainability in business will ensure that your business with endure for future generations.

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Guide to a Career in Beauty or Spa Therapy

There has never been a better time to study beauty and spa therapy with global demand for therapists at an all-time high. As a career, it offers you variety and self-fulfillment plus the option to work all over the world.

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