Manual Facial

Aim of the course

To provide candidates the required information and qualification to be able to efficiently and effectively work as skin care therapists offering facial treatments including cleansing technique; skin analysis; tinting and shaping; deep cleansing with brush machine, steamer and exfoliation products; facial massage; mask applications and day care application.


No pre-requisites are required


Candidates are required to have completed a course of at least 300 hours at a registered CIDESCO School covering all subjects in the CIDESCO Manual Facial Certificate Syllabus.


All candidates must have undertaken at least 4 school examinations (2 Practical and 2 Theory) during the course of their training before being eligible to sit their CIDESCO examination.

The examination for the Manual Facial Certificate consists of three parts:

  1. Theoretical examination – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) exam. 1 Hour. 60 Questions
  2. Practical examination. 2 Hours.
  3. 5 Case Histories. Pre- requisite to sit Manual Facial Certificate Examination.